To All Agents and Buyer please read this in detail prior to making any phone calls or emails, we know everyone is working hard to put a deal together and we have created this website to answer almost all your questions.

Please read in detail for answers to your questions. Almost all of your questions will be answered by reading this and the information below. 

If you still have questions afterward, the best way to reach me is by email or text, or you can try our Transaction Coordinator. You can also call and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. But please understand I do get a lot of calls and I'm often in meetings, so it can be difficult to get back to everyone quickly. Please do not take it personally if I am not able to return your call right away.

All dates for offer submission will be posted in the notes section. If you see no date, then offers are taken as they come. When an offer is received we will post on the website when we will be meeting with the seller to review offer/s. When we select an offer, the agent whose offer is selected will be notified and the status will be changed in the MLS. If you submitted an offer and it is multiple offers, you can come to the site anytime for updates and do not need to call or email, we do our best to update the site daily. We will do our best to email all the agents who submitted offers if yours isn't selected, but if you do not get an email the same information on the offer selection will be posted on this site.

If at that time you have further questions please email or text and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I know everyone is working hard to get a deal together and thanks for understanding and working with us.

-All offers to be emailed to our Transaction Coordinator Giselle at & to We will send you a confirmation of receipt of the offer within 24 hours.

- All offers on CAR FORM.

- If you would like to know how your offer ranks versus others we will do our best to help if allowed by the seller. Some sellers ask that this information is not disclosed.